Foyer remodel

With the wonderful blessings hour we have been having, and with the water damage that we have had, the church board is looking at doing some re-modeling in the foyer at the church.  The board is looking for financial assistance, as well as manpower, to help with this project.  We are hoping to begin the project in January when there are more volunteers available to help.

What you will notice is that there will no longer be a secretary's office on the main floor - it will be kept in the basement.  We will be knocking down the wall to that office, putting in a wet bar, counters, and storage to make our blessings time easier for those providing them and offer more space for those who are enjoying them.  If you would like to donate, either financially or with your manpower, please contact Tim Raile, project chairperson and Church Financial Secretary. 


Check out this video of the projected look of the foyer,  

Song: 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman

Video by Tim Raile